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Find a present she will love with our range of Gifts For Her at Salt + Soda. Our collections are carefully curated by women, for women and offer options for any occasion. Spoil your favourite superwomen - your mother, your grandmother, your sister, wife, or friend with something special from our online womens clothing selection.

Be it Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any excuse to treat her to a gift, we have a selection of gorgeous gifts that are sure to see her smile. We love a reason to celebrate and even more so, to do so in style

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What Gift Should I Give Her?

Shopping for your loved one can often prove difficult when you are spoilt for choice. At Salt + Soda, we have mindfully selected a range of options so that the hard work is done for you. Just one click and we wrap and deliver!

Gifting is made easy with our online selection. Looking for something specific? We offer:

  • An outfit for any occasion.
  • Be it a dress, blouse, pants, skirt or tee, we pride ourselves on delivering wearable designs for all women, regardless of shape, size, age or stage of life.
    Fine gold and silver jewellery. Elevate your event attire with our collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that will pair perfectly with your fashion favourites.
  • Add a little something extra.
  • Perfectly compliment your Salt + Soda style with our go-to easy to wear and easy to love selection of accessories.
  • Not quite sure which piece to choose for her?
  • Give the perfect present every time with the gift of choice. Our Gift Cards allow your someone special to shop her favourites

    Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks

    To say we are well practised on the packing bench, well that’s an understatement. So, let us share the lessons we have learnt for wrapping the perfect present, every time.

  1. Keep it clean. Both your workspace and your hands!
  2. Have the right tools on hand. A set of sharp scissors and double sided or matte finish tape that will stay well-hidden on your precious parcel.
  3. Use medium grade gift wrap paper. It will be easy to cut and easy to fold. Too thin and the paper will tear, too thick and it will make for a bulky wrap.
  4. Cut the right amount of paper for each gift. Ensure the paper folds across each side of the gift and has a slight overlap across the middle.
  5. Place your gift top side down and wrap around the middle first. Fold each open side down one at a time to create triangles that you will then tape down away from the top of the gift.
  6. Add embellishments to the outside of the gift. This could be as simple as a ribbon, or could be a hint towards the present inside.

Got the gift but still searching for that outfit for your main event?

At Salt + Soda we offer an extensive range of women’s fashion and clothing, thoughtfully designed for every season, everybody and every occasion. Discover our collection of mini, midi and maxi dresses, blouses, pants, tops, skirts and more with all-inclusive sizing wearable for size 6 through to size 24. With a range of pretty prints, our signature subtle hues, beautifully bohemian inspired designs and structured tailored linen styles you are certain to be able to shop styles you adore.

To welcome you on our journey, we would love to gift you a 10% discount on your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter and join our online community today. We enjoy treating our friends with our Perks Program, Birthday Treats, Anniversary Rewards and more. You can also enjoy Free Australia Wide shipping on all orders over $150, with both express and international upgrades available.

Salt + Soda is a small family owned and operated business, founded by mother and daughter duo, Jo and Belle in 2014. From what were humble market beginnings, we have since evolved into one of the leading online fashion destinations in Australia today. We pride ourselves on creating quality garments, handcrafted by our team of makers in Bali, Indonesia. In a movement away from mass production, we work with a team of families who expertly bring our designs to life. We are grateful for your ongoing support which in turn, allows us to continue to provide work and an enriched state of living for our team.

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