A feminine, sophisticated, conscious and stylish fashion label, offering unique, wearable designs.

Inclusive of our signature subtle colour tones, dreamy summer hues, everyday essentials and an easy-to-wear range of fun prints – we have collated our collections for every season, for every body, for every day.

Each and every piece is lovingly handcrafted with intention – to have you looking good and feeling even better - because we all deserve nothing less. 

"We want to convey the importance of natural beauty and empower women to love who they are, by creating and curating our Salt & Soda collections for every season, for every body, for every day. Our flattering designs are easy to wear and easy to love, but most importantly, they are for you - to look and feel beautiful."  Belle x

our story

Established in 2014, the Salt & Soda journey stems from humble market beginnings, across our home state of Victoria throughout the warmer summer months. A mother and daughter duo, both sharing a love of design and fashion, flowing feminine lines and comfort in style, we strive to infuse our calm and coastal, good-time vibes into each range that we share. From beachy babes to lounge lovers – we got you girl! 

meet the makers

We strongly believe in a movement away from mass production and strive to provide a product and service that considers both quality and sustainability.  Four beautiful families carefully craft our designs, lovingly specialising in pattern making, fabric dying and manufacturing. A strong relationship has been forged through countless visits to their Indonesian homelands to create our pieces side by side.


Salt & Soda is a small family owned and operated business.

Our team of girls is real.

We are just like YOU.

We drink ALL the coffee, deal with drama on the daily & at the end of it all, pour a large glass of wine because well… #saveoursanity


Our Salty Babes are all close to our heart ♡

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