Salt & Soda is a small family owned and operated business.

Our team of girls is real.

We are just like YOU.

We drink ALL the coffee, deal with drama on the daily & at the end of it all, pour a large glass of wine because well… #saveoursanity

We are passionate about our environment, our health & well-being, our work life balance, our families & our community. We dream BIG dreams and work hard to make them come true. We want to inspire, we want to make you smile, but most importantly, we want to encourage you to embrace you – because at the end of it all, life is a moment in time, & that time is yours to shine.

There are friends. There is family. And then there are friends that become family. This sums up our beautiful Salt + Soda Team.

Once upon a time, Belle had a dream. That her love of fashion & design could lead her away from the daily grind & into a role where she could share her feminine styles, creating designs that are both all-inclusive for women of any shape or stage of life, with a focus on ethics & sustainability in every step along the way. Belle strives to reach for the stars in both life & work. Having just moved into her first home - she is making sure to take the time to enjoy every experience this brings & looks forward to learning the ropes (& earning the title) of domestic goddess! 

The mumma of our mother & daughter duo, each & every year, we see Jo take on the world! As a busy mother of four ~ she knows a thing or two about... well, she knows it all! Her dedication & hard work has seen S&S blossom as she proceeded to introduce her ethically & sustainably considered slow-fashion, she so passionately curates, to all. Jo is generally found bustling behind the scenes, crafting collections & keeping production in order, although slowly but surely, we keep placing her front & centre to showcase the suitability of our ranges for every body – regardless of shape or stage of life.

Sally has a tendency to hide behind the scenes! Our head of marketing & creative, we first met Sal in early 2020 when she arrived on the door step as a highly regarded stylist that was hired for our first big website shoot. As it turns out, Sal not only knows style but comes complete with a full creative repertoire! As the trio worked together building the new look website, it became clear that although they live on opposite sides of the bay, Sally shared so many common S&S values - her young family (3 boys omg!) feels like an extension of Jo & Belle’s own. Needless to say, she became the first full time S&S employee.

A regular face behind the S&S camera, at the S&S home (she is Belle's baby brother's girlfriend!) and now a part of the HQ team, Chels is the amazingly fantastic and ultra-organised warehouse warrior – boom! Not only does she pack your orders (& don’t they always arrive looking extra cute?!), she has magical super powers in the form of keeping the S&S warehouse in order in a way one couldn’t ever dream possible. This clever cookie is studying visual communication and majoring in social media, so it's safe to say our socials are in good hands!