Australian Owned

Infused With Coastal Calm


Established in 2014, the Salt + Soda journey stems from humble market beginnings, across our home state of Victoria throughout the warmer summer months. A mother and daughter duo, both sharing a love of design and fashion, flowing feminine lines and comfort in style, we strive to infuse our calm and coastal, good-time vibes into each range that we share.


Salt + Soda is a small family owned and operated business. Our team of girls is real.

We are just like YOU. We drink ALL the coffee, deal with drama on the daily & at the end of it all, pour a large glass of wine because well… #saveoursanity

We are passionate about our environment, our health & well-being, our work life balance, our families & our community. We dream BIG dreams and work hard to make them come true. We want to inspire, we want to make you smile, but most importantly, we want to encourage you to embrace you – because at the end of it all, life is a moment in time, + that time is yours to shine.


We proudly promote ethical trading practices with a focus on families not factories. We strongly believe in a movement away from mass production and strive to provide a product and service that considers both quality and sustainability.  Four beautiful families carefully craft our designs, lovingly specialising in pattern making, fabric dying and manufacturing. A strong relationship has been forged through countless visits to their Indonesian homelands to create our pieces side by side.

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