Our Salty Babes are all close to our heart ♡

Would you like to meet them?

Find out their S+S sizing.

And learn a little bit about how they fit into our Salt + Soda journey, today, tomorrow and into the future.


She does it all. From boss babe, to production, to creative and a total natural in front of the camera, beautiful Belle’s inner awesomeness shines bright.

Belle wears Salt + Soda size S-M

Height: 168cm Bust: 92cm Waist: 84cm Hips: 111cm

Standard size: 10-12


This beachy babe is Belle’s baby brother’s girlfriend. Lucky boy right?! We adore her down to earth personality, chilled out vibes and infectious smile - she is equally adorable both inside and out.

Chels wears Salt + Soda size XS-S

Height: 166cm Bust: 88cm Waist: 77cm Hips: 98cm

Standard size: 6-8


Yep, we even made mum get in on the action!

Jo wears Salt + Soda size L-XL

Height: 171cm Bust: 114cm Waist: 104cm Hips: 136cm

Standard size: 16-18


Our sweet-as-can-be and non-stop-laughs beauty ~ Paigey is also a part of our family. Jo's niece, making her Belle's cousin - we share a lifetime of amazing memories with many more to come.

Paige is currently pregnant + we will list her pregnancy specific sizing on individual products.

Paige wears Salt + Soda size M-L

Height: 170cm Bust: 110cm Waist: 87cm Hips: 120cm

Standard size: 14